DACOTRANS AUSTRALIA simplifies the documentation processes by providing any combination of global air and ocean service, custom clearance, regulatory compliance and/or related services. We assist our clients with all the commercial documentation such as certificates of origin, consular invoices and other special documents if required, but also with any customs and quarantine related documentation.

For ocean transportation we will ensure that the shipping company, in accordance with the specific requirements issues the Bills of Lading.

Our own Bills of Lading for port to port shipment or for combined transport are issued by us in accordance with our clients specific requirements or letter of credit details.

All Bills of Lading may be issued as a document, which is a receipt for cargo, received on board and is evidence of the contract between shipper and carrier. It is also evidence of title to the goods described on it. A "shipped on board bill of lading" is one which acknowledges that the goods mentioned have been placed on board, in distinction to a bill of lading which merely acknowledges receipt of goods by the carrier.

In order to simplify documentation processes when trading circumstances permit, we have developed the Express-Bill of Lading to meet increasing demands for efficiency and productivity in international trade.

For consolidated airfreight consignments we issue our own House-Airway Bills in accordance with requirements of our clients.

Through our association with IATA International Air Transport Association we have access to the Airway Bills of all major airlines operating from and to Australia.